I Am Warrior APK Mod Download

I Am Warrior APK Mod Download

I Am Warrior APK Mod Download

I Am Warrior APK Mod Download


The overcome and skilled warriors are reliably the fervently issues that get the thought of the redirection architects by virtue of their enthusiastic engaging capacities and high aptitudes. Xiji Game after the productive dispatch of two versions of I Am Archer, and I Am Wizard, has continued releasing new and better structures including I Am Warrior. The entertainment certifications to pass on the latest features and experiences to the customers.

Intriguing gameplay

Every diversion will have a significant measure of warriors included, and particularly, each side has 17 contenders with weapons to pass on. Ricocheting, moving, pulverizing, interrupting, and attacking foes are the guideline assignments you ought to do while doing combating or escaping. This will empower you to be dynamic in circumstances where there are an over the top number of enemies showing up, in any case you don’t have enough powers or are critical of the battle to attack whichever foe at first to finish the fight.

Demolish everything ahead

Demolish the assumes that the adversaries make with their feelings. Pulverizing these animals looks like killing all foes to win. So wherever you encounter a check, you ought to pulverize it. Our enemies are isolated into two gatherings, one red and the other blue. The fight nature of every trooper is showed up on it with the objective that the player watches the attacking limit and decreases the vitality of the two his and his opponents. By then there are the right choices and suitable to deal with the enemy.

Feature and visual correspondence

Stood out from past structures, the breaking point of this preoccupation will be lower, yet all key limits will even now ensure, the standard framework relationship for dynamic updates, help characters and also weapons. New will be available in I Am Warrior for supportive use. Enhancing the doing combating limit of the saint and diverse characters in the battle, the adversary will in like manner be upgraded tirelessly to acclimate to the fight. Growing power will make the redirection more strong. It is moreover trying to win. Astoundingly completing the missions will be a noteworthy progress forward opening up new weapons and sub characters for the accompanying battle.

There are more than ten sorts of greatsword aptitudes sitting tight for you to open and clearly, they are tireless, attempt to open the rush at the soonest opportunity. If you let your enemies have more present weapons and aptitudes, you will be more loath to get over them. You can get valuable stones; they can have an extensive measure or beside no dependent upon the battle you win or lose. Characters are delineated in chibi style, distinctive diversion plans and vivacious sounds to add to the show and propel the player.

Add up to up

You will be the legends of the I Am Warrior Mod, sharing in battles, indicating they’re preferable key limit over plunder the tremendous. Complete all missions and make yourself a social affair of valuable stones. I Am Warrior is open on the google play store. Join the redirection right now to twist up a real warrior now.

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